Personal Strengths Profile (PSP) is an integrated profile system of easy-to-use, fully-validated, tools, surveys, and programs designed to assist leaders and their companies to understand their strengths and areas of improvement. It assists organizations to manage current employees more effectively, resolve current problems, and build stronger teams.




Climate surveys coordinate the voices of employees - turning noise into a chorus of satisfiers and dissatisfiers to focus management on the creation of greater workplace satisfaction and increased productivity. With this diagnostic platform as the foundation, conclusions are drawn in real time from the data being gathered, recommendations are made to the management team with our Actionable Insights* feature and action plans can be easily tracked and executed for positive change with the aid of our Action Integration Module



Improving your organization's performance demands that you know what the culture should be and what changes are required to make that happen. Newton Learning knows that climate and culture are not the same thing, so they cannot be measured in the same way. Newton Learning's measurement tools are custom designed for each specific assessment area. We can make sure you accurately uncover the culture of your organization.