We just completed the NEWTON learning “Possibilities” seminar here in Chicago; one fellow TEC chair, six of my members, their families and business associates. It was an incredible experience, facilitated by James Newton and Michelle Saul. Those of you who have worked with James and his associates can appreciate the impact. We had young folks aged 17 to 25. You can imagine the potential long-term impact on the quality of their lives. Experiencing this transformational weekend with spouse, and kids was extraordinary. The weekend also helped me bond at a different level with my members and their families. This is an excellent way to get more of Newton Learning.
— Bob Berk TEC Chair, Chicago

The learning I got from the course in Indianapolis was truly transformational. I’m not even sure exactly how it happened - but I was certainly ready to hear what you said - and there’s been a dramatic difference in the way I AM in my TEC meetings. I did all three groups since I came back and I was so much more in the moment, not anxious and not driven by the agenda. I told all my groups we are making the agenda secondary to helping each other, to catching the unintended moment, to getting to the root issue. We were much better at doing these things in all three groups. I’m also more in the moment and less anxious everywhere else. Thanks for helping me make this breakthrough.
— Norma Rosenberg TEC Chair, New York City

I would classify you as a facilitator and conceptualizer supreme! You were such great help to us in a time when chaos could have reigned. Keeping us focused and prioritizing our issues held the day. By your soft spoken but direct way of working, you led us from a negative event to a positive plan. We became committed, unified, organized, and determined to make Entropin and ENT-102 successful. You are now a part, a great part, of our history and a positive influence on what is to happen in the future. The meeting of the Board on September 5th and 6th will go down as a turning point in our future success. Your work in this effort is greatly appreciated.
— Higgins Bailey Entropin

I just wanted to say thank-you for taking the time today to come and visit Horton. You touched many things in my heart. I will always try to remember what you taught us today. One of the things that really stuck with me is how sometimes you have to take a dip before you actually get the results. I believe that it can only make me stronger and appreciate what I have in my life. You have had a real impact on my future feelings and thoughts, thanks again for the work that you do.
— Cheryl Horton, Insurance Group, Chicago

Thanks for working with our TEC group, and specifically me, teaching me, and helping me. I really made some kind of breakthrough that I don’t fully understand yet. I got all choked up presenting my plan, as I talked about wishing I was less judgmental of the people I care deepest about. It was very unexpected that I would become so vulnerable in the group.

Thanks for being good at what you do and for caring enough to work as hard as you did all day. It mattered to me.
— Russ Graunke Allegro Communications, Inc.