Creating Intentional Cultures

The purpose of a company wide initiative such as this is to identify the traits of a successful culture in your industry that is strategically positioned for the future, and then to design and implement a strategy for building and sustaining that intentional culture. We will begin by focusing our research on your industry in order to lead the management team through an exercise to understand the trends of the industry as it relates to culture and the professional development of the workforce. We will then assess your current culture and the issues you face.

The assessments will cover the following areas:

  • Organizational Culture
  • Management and Leadership Effectiveness
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Individual Effectiveness
  • Team Effectiveness

This will provide a means to benchmark key indicators including employee morale, retention, productivity and others most vital to your business. This will position us to agree upon the characteristics of the desired intentional culture and build an implementation plan. We will guide the senior management team through a transition management process so that they may lead and manage the transition to a new intentional culture.

Your help in our effort to build and intentional culture is paying off big time. We are seeing opened lines of direct, honest communication; definite improvement in productivity [individually and in teams]; and a clear understanding of accountability.
— Rich Everett, Human Resources,

Building High Performance Teams

Clarify the roles, responsibilities and position of teams within the organization, from the Executive Team to functional/department teams to cross-functional/project teams and dramatically improve their performance. Cultivate a foundation of the common values of trust, respect, acceptance, and personal accountability. Develop the skills of clear effective communication, fact based team problem solving, and complex team decision making. Create a forum for honest communication, systemic perspectives and break through thinking.  

It has been 6 months since our training and our team is still setting production records. What a difference taking the time to develop our team skills has made. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Danette Willingham, IJBU, Production Supervisor, Hewlett Packard Company

Transforming HR into HRD

We will assign our HRD expert to consult with, and train as necessary, your HR department for the purposes of reviewing and evaluating Human Resource activities and suggesting improvements. Efforts will focus on organizational alignment, performance management and team member development.

Consulting topics include:

  • Internally marketing the intentional culture initiative 
  • Review of existing HR policies
  • Creation/update of the employee manual
  • Creation of an employee development process
  • Aligning HR policies with initiative goals, principles and values
  • Creating new HR processes for reinforcement of new skills and paradigms

Upon completion of this set of consulting activities, your organization will have aligned its employee policies and processes with the demands of its new culture and completed the initial stages of an Employee Development process. The projected result of these activities should create a stronger bond between corporate goals and employee actions, which should increase the effectiveness of all employees.

Michael Chick’s experience and perspective was key to out efforts to transform our HR function to one that is dar more effective, flexible and in alignment with our new culture.
— Rich Everett, HRD Director, Dura Pharmaceutical.

Values in Action

Bringing your company values to life. We will design new employee orientation programs, train-the-trainer programs, specialized curriculum, human resource campaigns and company-wide events that help employees understand how to live your company values in daily behavior. When values are expressed in action, policy, projects and results they become more than words; they become the foundation of your company's heart and soul.

Michael Saul helped us bring one of our corporate values, “Success through relentless improvement” to life. His design of relevant curriculum and consultations on an internal process for process improvement created a tangible way for our people to live this value.
— John Vilestrata HRD Garden Fresh Corporation.

Employee Development

Newton Learning compliments its work within organizations by offering regularly scheduled development programs for individual participation. These programs assist people to make significant performance improvements.  Participants develop a deep understanding of accountability, dramatically improve their relationship skills, and become more inspired, creative, and motivated. Whether its learning to be a masterful facilitator, a visionary leader or an effective team player, we are sure to have a solution for your individual employee needs. 

I went back to the office thinking about what you had told us. I knew what I had to do. I sought out a coworker with which I have a lot of baggage and explained why there had been so much friction between us in the past. we had an amazing experience and we’re buds now. Thank you.
— David Paulin, USDA Forest Service.