Fine-tune your ability to communicate and work together as an executive team. Uncover and understand the real sources of interpersonal conflicts, and recognize how to resolve them. Learn how decision-making systems differ, and why those differences are essential to success. Define the best practices for effectively interacting with other members of senior management. The end result is your senior management team will be less distracted by interpersonal differences, better able to focus on the real issues affecting your business and capable of providing clear focused direction for the organization.

We had never before experiences the power we now generate as a cohesive leadership team. Thanks to Newton Learning for their help in bringing out the best in us.
— Kathy Dotson, Stanford Health Services


Articulate your vision and values and put them into action. Values are a set of deeply held beliefs that govern and guide our behavior in our relationships with customers and team members. Forming shared values causes people to build trust with each other and the organization and be more willing to take risks, explore alternatives, learn and grow. We will conduct a values distillation process and a visioning process that allows all senior manager team members to contribute and buy-in. These processes will illuminate the underlying principles and values that will guide you and your organization as you strive to fulfill your vision for the future.

Develop effective strategic plans for meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Our process for strategic planning is activity based, solid in it's own foundation and designed to teach you to become more strategic day in and day out. This process is designed to tease apart the team's 3-5 primary goals, identify corresponding objectives and establish accountability for each. The process will assist you in:

  • Creating an action plan that identifies core drivers and areas for improvement.
  • Integrating that plan with the overall vision and goals of the organization.
  • Developing a plan for creating buy-in at all levels of the organization.
  • Creating systems of communication and follow-up, which insure long lasting results.
Newton Learning helped us realize what we knew but were unwilling to admit, that we had a mature business in decline. They helped us identify our options and opportunities so that we could decide our future direction. we couldn’t have done it without them.
— Paul Pickard, CEO, National Pen


Properly planned and implemented, retreats are far more than a mere respite from the daily work world. They offer opportunities to establish new relationships, examine assumptions and processes, and explore creative possibilities in a reduced-risk structure. An executive retreat includes several elements - fun, relaxation, learning, strategic planning, team-building, personal development, and renewal - to name a few. A well-designed retreat can make a significant impact on both the executive team and their organization by acting as a catalyst for positive change.

I came back ready to take my place as a leader in the Forest Service
— Becky Nelson, USDA Forest Service


Designed to help those in leadership positions achieve their full potential, this program will assist you to develop your ability to mobilize, inspire, challenge and lead others. Join us for an exciting and challenging journey of self-exploration and development, which will dramatically expand your range and effectiveness as a leader.

  • Learn to be "a non-anxious presence in an anxious environment". 
  • Learn how to take a stand in the face of strong resistance and still remain connected. 
  • Dramatically increase your ability to influence and guide others to create greater results.
  • Develop the ability to consciously control and focus your "state of being" and "presence of mind”.
Visionary Leadership was an outstanding assessment and development experience for me. It helped me discover effective tools to be a non-anxious presence in an anxious environment. I also learned concepts that enhanced my understanding of myself and my leadership capabilities.
— Richard Carr, President and CEO, TEC Worldwide